28th-31st August 2018: 15th International Docomomo Conference - "Metamorphosis. The Continuity of Change"

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15th International Docomomo Conference - "Metamorphosis. The Continuity of Change"

28th-31st August 2018, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

DATE: 28/8/2018


2 June – 1 September 2017 Call for papers.
3 November 2017 Call for papers’ selection notification.
31 January 2018 Full paper submission deadline (1st version).
28 February 2018 Deadline for session chairs return papers with comments to authors, with their  revision.
30 March 2018 Full paper submission deadline (final version).
23–27 August 2018 Docomomo student workshop
28–31 August 2018 15th International Docomomo Conference


By using the title of Franz Kafka’s 1915 novel, Metamorphosis (Die Verwandlung) and re-using it as the title for the 15th International Docomomo conference, we would like to focus on the history of the Modern Movement transformations dealing with the Human, the Nature and to discuss the Future of Change itself, in theory and practice, in the very specific and small region of Slovenia, an ex-Yugoslavian and ex-Austro-Hungarian country.
In 2018, Docomomo will be celebrating its 30 years of endeavours to preserve the technical, social and aesthetic goals of the Modern Movement and has constantly been challenging the question of change since its inception. It could be said that the question of change is an ontological question in the Docomomo agenda and targets all its scientific sub-sections simultaneously.
The French philosopher Alain Badiou held seven lectures on the concept of change in 2012, giving the meaning of the word ‘change’ a special significance in our time. He started his first lecture with the question: ‘What is change?’ before then going further: Our world is a world of change. The absence of change is death. Change is the law of the world in which we live. Change also means changing the law of the world. When we think, we think change.
We are currently experiencing a complete escalation of change in different areas of life. Change has never been as easy as it is now, in the 21st century. We are getting closer and closer to Kafka’s Metamorphosis becoming a reality. The meaning of truth, human and social values, authenticity and identity are changing their importance. The difference between the original and the phoney is waning. The recent European Energy-Efficiency Directive is erasing local architectural languages. The Modern Movement’s social and aesthetic values have never been so strongly in the spotlight as they are today. What do we stand for? What does Docomomo stand for in this changed world’s paradigm?